Back Football and Recreation Club, Upper Coll, Back, Isle of Lewis, HS2 OLS. Tel: 01851 820745

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'Tre Dhilseachd Buaidh'                 'Through Loyalty Success'

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Back FC have constructed the first ever Driving Range in the Western Isles. Whether you are just starting out or have a lot of golfing experience our new Driving Range can help all golfers analyse and improve their swing.


So what are you waiting for? Get down to Upper Coll and start swinging.


If you fancy watching a match afterwards then check out the fixture list to see when your team is playing at Upper Coll.


All children under 11 must be accompanied by an adult and they will also need to have completed an induction in the safe use of the facility.


All children under 16 will also require to undertake a safety induction.


Please contact Willie at Back FC on 820745 and he will arrange for all inductions which are free of charge.



Token 1      50 Balls        £3.50

Token 2      25 Balls        £2.50

Opening Times


Monday to Saturday:  9am to 8pm

Sunday:                       Closed     

Tokens available at


Back FC                   (820745)

Stornoway Golf Club (702240)

Gordons Shop, Back  (820200)    

Spar, Stornoway       (702034)

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Back FC Golf Driving Range

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